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Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr Epameinondas Bonaros

FUE and Direct Hair Implantation Specialist – ISHRS Full Member

Dr Bonaros is a  highly experienced hair transplant surgeon in Glasgow with a demonstrated passion for helping patients improve their image and self-confidence. He is fully licensed, qualified, and registered with the General Medical Council.  He is also an Affiliate Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 

Dr Epameinondas Bonaros is the only hair transplant surgeon in Scotland who is a full member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. ISHRS is a global medical association that holds the highest standards of medical practice, medical ethics, and research in the medical hair restoration field.

Upon graduating from medical school in 2005, he completed his Internship before progressing and specializing in General – Internal- medicine. Following this, he began intense training in hair restoration with reputable hair transplant surgeons throughout Greece to develop the necessary skills to progress. Being noticed for performance and results, he was invited to perform hair transplant surgery in multiple countries across Europe.

In 2016 he practised as a hair transplant surgeon in  Scotland before becoming a distinguished medical director. This wealth of experience has established Dr Epameinondas Bonaros as a reputable hair restoration physician. Throughout a successful career working exclusively on hair restoration procedures, he has assisted many patients in combating their hair loss and helping them live a confident lifestyle.

Dr Bonaros is a hair transplant surgeon in Glasgow Scotland

He regularly attends related conferences, monitors technology impacts and stays refreshed with medical research. He continues to test new methodology and treatment styles to perfect his procedural techniques. This is an integral part of his profession and allows him to be innovative whilst giving his patients the best possible treatment.

Dr Epameinondas Bonaros is a hair transplant surgeon based in Glasgow renowned for delivering exceptional results to patients. With a strong passion for the industry and exceptional restorative techniques, he will ensure that his work speaks for itself. He offers several hair restoration treatments in Glasgow and works one-to-one with patients to ensure they are looked after.
“From a young age, I had an incredible passion for healthcare and becoming a doctor. Becoming a hair transplant surgeon has enabled me to fulfil my true dream of helping people. To me, every patient has a unique story, and every patient should be treated as a human being with time, dedication, and respect. My practice was founded on honesty and high ethical standards whilst offering patients a range of personalized services. I come from Greece, and I live with my wife and son in Glasgow, Scotland. I dedicate my spare time to keeping active, which involves running, biking, swimming and CrossFit. On top of that, I also enjoy learning about robotics, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.” If you are ready to regain a more confident lifestyle, book your consultation with our qualified hair loss specialist and discover the state-of-the-art hair restoration solutions available to you in Glasgow.
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Full Member of the ISHRS

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is a global non-profit medical association and the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration.

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