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Body Hair Transplant

Transform your appearance with our advanced FUE body hair transplant in Glasgow, Scotland. We mix body hair and scalp hair follicles to enhance the visual density of hair transplantation and provide better, more natural looking results for our patients with higher hair loss grades.

A Natural Looking Body Hair Transplant in Glasgow

A Body Hair Transplant (BHT) utilising hairs from the scalp is a procedure designed for people with thin or no hairs at all on the chest, abdomen, or pubic area due to genetic predisposition or prior laser removal.

At our hair transplant clinic in Glasgow, we offer a state-of-the-art Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant whereby suitable hair is extracted from the head and directly implanted in the desired areas to restore a natural look or just improve the density.

The term also describes the use of body hairs to provide additional grafts for the scalp.

Body Hair Transplant, in this context, is useful for men who have either depleted most, if not all, of the available scalp donor hair due to previous restoration surgeries or or those who suffer from advanced grades of androgenetic alopecia, where donor scalp hair is inadequate to provide complete or optimal coverage.

body hair transplant

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Hair Transplant FAQs

What is a body FUE hair transplant treatment?

Similarly to standard head hair transplants, our body hair transplants are done using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. 

Unlike the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method, which utilises a full strip of hair from the scalp, the FUE method we use at our hair transplant clinic uses tiny punches with a diameter between 0.6 mm and 1 mm to extract hair follicles from the donor area. This minimises trauma and ensures only suitable hair follicles are harvested.

The individual follicles are then implanted in the recipient areas using hair implanter pens with a graft placement technique known as Direct Hair Implantation. The use of this pen’s sharp implanter tip enables the hair transplant surgeon, Dr Bonaros, to swiftly and easily implant the follicular units in the right direction and angle according to the patient’s hair growth, thus achieving the most natural results.

What are the common treatment areas for FUE body hair transplants?

The three common hair transplant surgery treatments people choose to combat thinning hair or replace hair loss on the body include:

  • FUE chest hair transplant
  • FUE pubic hair transplant
  • FUE abdomen transplant

Where you choose to have your hair restoration treatments will depend on where your hair loss issues lie. Dr Bonoros can advise you on the best route for you.

What is a Minoxidil body hair loss treatment?

Minoxidil is a medication that can help slow or reverse hair loss in both men and women.

When using this topical solution on abdominal, pubic or chest hair, minoxidil will be recommended at a dosage appropriate for the area and type of hair, if at all. Minoxidil for chest hair, pubic hair and abdomen hair could also be prescribed as an oral medication for men who can’t tolerate using minoxidil on chest hair or other body hair in its topical form.

Dr Bonaros creates personalised treatment plans for his patients, which can include private prescriptions for oral minoxidil to help in combatting body hair loss.

Request an appointment or free online consultation and let us help you find the right hair loss treatment for your body.

Are FUE hair transplant procedures painful?

Our FUE body hair transplantation is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed under local anaesthetic, which means you will be awake during the procedure but will feel no pain.

To avoid the discomfort of anaesthetic injections, we use a Kinetic Anaesthesia Device, a state-of-the-art device that diminishes this discomfort to ensure your BHT transplant is painless.

Is a hair transplant for body hair permanent?

While our FUE procedure for body hair is a permanent solution for hair loss and hair thinning on various parts of your body, it cannot prevent future hair loss in those areas. This means that even though the transplanted hair will grow permanently, there is still a chance that patients will continue to lose pre-existing hair.

Book a free online consultation with Dr Bonaros to discuss if the hair restoration treatments available at our Glasgow clinic are right for you.

Who will perform my FUE hair transplant procedure?

Hair transplant techniques and procedures require precision and expertise and should be carried out by experienced specialists at registered clinics.

At our hair transplant clinic, you can rest assured that Dr Bonaros, an experienced hair transplant surgeon with a passion for delivering personalised care, will perform your body hair FUE transplant procedure.

How much does a body hair transplant cost?

The cost of hair transplant procedures is based on the specific hair loss issues of each patient. The cost of a bodily hair transplant in Glasgow will vary between hair transplant clinics as it is determined by the number of grafts required, as well as how many treatment days are needed.

How long is the procedure and recovery period?

The duration of a hair transplant for chest hair, pubic hair, or abdomen hair will depend on how many follicles are required and can, therefore, vary between two to eight hours.

Before leaving our hair transplant clinic after your procedure, you will be provided with details and instructions for a smooth recovery and aftercare process. Whether you want chest hair implants or a body hair transplant in another area, you are in good hands at our clinic.

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Dr Bonaros: A Leading Surgeon for
Body Hair Implants in the UK

Dr Bonaros is a full member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS) and Scotland’s only full member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) — making him one of the most qualified hair transplant surgeons in the UK.

With his personalised approach, Dr Bonaros takes the time to understand each of his clients’ specific issues, needs, and concerns to set realistic expectations and offer the best hair transplant options and hair loss solutions for them.

His experience and personalised approach have helped his clinic become one of the best hair transplant clinics in Scotland for a BHT hair transplant or regular hair transplant surgery. We’re ready to help you achieve your aesthetic goals with a body hair transplant.

Interested in a FUE body hair transplant in Glasgow? Request a quote using our online assessment form and we’ll get back to you!