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Body Hair Transplant

With our advanced FUE technique, we mix body hair and scalp hair follicles to enhance the visual density of hair transplantation and provide better results for our patients with higher hair loss grades. Body hair transplant in Glasgow, Scotland.

Body Hair Transplant -BHT-  utilising hairs from the scalp is a procedure designed for people with thin or no hairs at all in the chest, abdomen or pubic area due to genetic predisposition or prior laser removal.

Suitable hair is extracted from the scalp and then directly implanted in the desired areas to restore a natural look or just improve the density.

The term also describes the use of body hairs to provide additional grafts for the scalp.

Body Hair Transplant, in this context, is useful for men who have either depleted most if not all of the available scalp donor hair due to previous restoration surgeries or suffer from advanced grades of androgenetic alopecia, where donor scalp hair is inadequate to provide complete or optimal coverage.

body hair transplant

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