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Hair Transplant Cost in Glasgow Scotland

If you consider a hair transplant and live in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or anywhere in Scotland, the cost is an essential consideration. It can be confusing to figure out your hair transplant procedure fees and whether the treatment is a worthwhile investment for you. Here, we’ll break down the cost so you can plan your hair transplant transformation.

How much is a Hair Transplant in Glasgow?

The cost of a hair transplant in Glasgow generally ranges from £3000 to £15000. One full-day procedure with 2000 grafts or more can cost anything between £3000 and £10000.

Two-day procedures involving 3500-4000 grafts will cost you from £6000 to £15000.

The procedure cost is as individual as the patient and their hair loss.  The hair transplant cost depends on the clinic you choose, the type of hair transplantation procedure you undergo, the complexity of your case and the amount of hair follicles needed to address your concerns.


Hair Transplant clinic cost Dr Bonaros Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland

Hair transplant costs in Scotland vary based on the hair transplant surgeon's expertise and the clinic's philosophy.

Some retail chains outsource surgeons and may perform more than one procedure at a time and discount based on volume. Others may leave the job to poorly trained technicians. And while you may believe you benefit from receiving a great deal, this belief is short-lived. Your dream of great results from the discounted surgery eventually becomes a nightmare with poor graft growth and unfixable donor area scars.

The actual cost of hair transplant surgery should be looked at from your long-term results and satisfaction and not only from the perspective of how much you can save.

We understand how much it means to get hair restoration by the best. Our approach is to always deliver the highest quality procedures. Dr Bonaros performs all the steps of the procedure himself and only one operation per day. You will be his complete focus. Our procedure protocols follow the highest international standards, aligned and up-to-date with the International Society of Hair Restoration Society.

What is cheaper — FUE or FUT Hair Transplants?

The hair transplant cost can also differ with each method. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and  Follicular Unit Transplantation ( FUT or strip method) are the two most commonly performed hair transplant procedures today. The FUE hair transplant cost is higher than that of the FUT, and there are good reasons for that. During FUT, the surgeon cuts a strip of skin from the back of your scalp, 6 to 10 inches long and 0,6 inches wide. He then closes your scalp with sutures. The technicians take the strip of skin and trim it into individual follicular units under microscopes.

With FUE, on the other hand, the surgeon will extract the hair follicles one by one, leaving behind tiny holes of less than 1mm. FUE is less invasive, with a faster recovery time. It is also more time-consuming and technically demanding. The skills and expertise of the surgeon are of utmost importance. Today, FUE has become one of the more popular hair restoration procedures. Nothing else comes close to delivering natural-looking results without needing a linear scar on the back of your scalp. Patients benefit from a much more comfortable operation without the type of scarring that is associated with other procedures. Two basic implantation techniques are used in an FUE procedure: premade incisions and sharp implanters, also known as Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

At our Glasgow hair transplant clinic, DHI implantation is offered as standard at a competitive price.

The number of grafts is a significant factor in the hair transplant cost.

The cost per graft is the most significant factor influencing the overall cost of hair transplant surgery. The larger your thinning or balding area and the smaller your hair calibre, the more grafts you will need for a satisfactory result. Be sure to check your clinic’s pricing structure. Some hair restoration clinics charge patients by the number of grafts, while others charge by the number of hairs.

Hair restoration surgeons often use the Norwood scale when diagnosing or discussing hair loss treatment options. The image below represents the Norwood-Hamilton Scale of hair loss and can be used to calculate roughly how many grafts your procedure might require.

hair transplant calculator for hair transplant in Glasgow Scotland


Hair transplant graft calculator.

Each area will require between 500-1000 grafts depending on the level of thinning, your hair calibre and the desired density of the transplanted hair. You can expect to pay anywhere from  £1 to £5 per graft. Those who suffer hair loss in the frontal area or just in the crown may benefit from a hair transplant procedure that involves 2000 grafts and is expected to cost around £5000.

Most patients with advanced stages of hair loss affecting the frontal area and the mid-scalp or the crown of the head require 3500 to 4000 grafts; these hair restoration procedures are performed on two consecutive days or 8-12 months apart and cost between £6000 and £15,000. Finally, patients with the most advanced stages of hair loss, who have a large bald area on the top and front of the scalp, but their hair on the sides of the scalp remains relatively high, may benefit from hair transplants that involve 5000 or more grafts; the cost varies from £8000 to £20.000.

Hair Transplant Costs in the UK: worth it or not?

A good hair transplant is undoubtedly an investment in yourself and can be life-changing. Don’t forget that when you are looking at low-cost hair transplants. There is a growing trend among UK citizens to undergo cheap hair transplants overseas because the clinics there provide FUE procedures at a much lower price than ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌UK. An FUE procedure overseas can often cost as little as £1,500, which is much cheaper than the average‌ ‌hair transplant cost‌ ‌in the UK. At first glance, it may seem like a great deal to receive surgery for a low price. Still, you’ll want to consider the quality of care, the surgeon’s experience and certifications, and the aftercare you’ll receive before choosing a facility. ISHRS states on its website: “The true cost of hair transplant surgery can be found in the details AFTER your first surgery. The repair work you need to correct the previous mistakes made by inexperienced and unscrupulous clinics may make your cheap hair transplant the most expensive surgery that you’d be wise to avoid”.

The Hair Transplant Cost at Dr Bonaros in Glasgow

We offer highly competitive hair transplant prices in Glasgow, starting at about £3 per graft. In dealing directly with the surgeon, there is no intermediary cost. Furthermore, our practice is not a franchise or a group of outsourced doctors and hair technicians. Based in Glasgow, we are truly committed to the field of hair transplantation. Honesty with patients is one of the pillars of our practice. As part of our commitment to you, we will inform you of the facts and limitations of your case. We will not promise you the moon if you have a limited amount of donor hair and an extreme amount of thinning hair.

Dr Bonaros provides a personal service tailored to your specific needs.

With us, you meet your surgeon on your first appointment. Dr Bonaros will assess your case, propose a treatment plan suited to you, and provide all the guidance you will need during recovery. As each patient is unique, choosing the right type of hair restoration for you will depend on many factors, including your age, lifestyle, goals, and general health. During your consultation with Dr Bonaros, he will discuss your specific circumstances and provide realistic advice about the results you can expect from each treatment option. Non-surgical treatments, such as medication, may effectively prevent hair loss and boost hair growth in the early stages. Patients with advanced hair loss will also benefit from combining surgical treatment with medical therapy.

Finance options are now available to help you with the hair transplant cost.

Many men and women are turning to hair transplants to revitalise their hair, but several people don’t even consider the option because of the cost. Our Glasgow clinic offers our patients hair transplant finance through our partnering finance provider, Chrysalis. We provide a range of finance plans, including 0% interest-free finance over 12 months. In addition, we offer options that allow you to spread the cost over a longer period of time, up to 60 months.
Providing various hair transplant financing options allows us to help our clients get the hair transplant procedure they want right now.

Get in touch today for a private, initial consultation or fill out our online assessment form and get a price estimate directly into your inbox.

We perform every procedure with precision, artistry, and extraordinary skill. If you live in Glasgow, Edinburgh or anywhere in the UK and find the hair transplant cost daunting, we invite you to discover the hair restoration solutions at Dr Bonaros.

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