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Here you will find a collection of articles regarding hair loss. We hope you will find them useful. Dr Bonaros offers a full spectrum of treatment options to suit your needs, preferences and budget, including FUE, Direct Implantation and Non-surgical Solutions.

The Hair Growth Cycle explained

The normal growth rate of scalp hair is one-fourth to one-half inch per month. Hair growth has a cyclic

Finding Out the Cause of Hair Loss

Trial and error treatment is not the most effective remedy for hair loss. The most effective and


Dr Bonaros is committed to providing the best possible guidance and care for patients suffering from hair

Anxiety and Hair Loss – Are They Related?

When we experience hair loss, we tend to think of anxiety as more of a consequence than the cause of the

Experiencing Hair Loss? Your Diet May Be At Fault

Your diet plays a surprisingly large role in the growth of your hair. Just like eating the right diet can
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